I have been blogging here since 2009. I have changed a lot since then. If you venture into my blog's history, which is my history, you will see my thoughts, actions and self, have changed. Some will think this change is for the better and some will think this change is for the worse. I believe I have grown and changed into a stronger, more loving, more sympathetic and more whole person.

Over the years my blog has allowed me to connect with many people. There are many MOHO (gay Mormon) blogs. The MOHO Directory has introduced me to a wide range of people's experiences and thoughts on being gay and being Mormon. Meeting each one of those people has affected my own life and my way of thinking.

This blog serves several purposes. My blog is simply a journal, a story of sorts, about my life and my experiences. My blog is a place to air frustrations with the challenges that arise from being gay and Mormon. Cognitive dissidence is rife in my life but I am finding my way and this blog helps me sort my thoughts and publish them for my own edification.

However, I also feel that by sharing my life, my experiences and my thoughts, I allow those of you who read my blog, to share in my journey or relate with similar stories of your own. As a gay Mormon, those days of feeling alone were remedied by reading others blogs. Those blogs allowed me to feel like a part of a larger community. This community doesn't always agree but we share experiences that make me feel less alone.

I hope one day that the differences in opinions and beliefs can be overcome with shared experiences and love.

I mainly write here for me but interacting with those who comment on my blog has really come to be something I enjoy. Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy my blog.

This is INSIDE – my life as a gay mormon.

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