February 18, 2017

New Perspective from a Gay Mormon

I am grateful I visit this blog in a very different stage in my life. I have grown in thought and belief. If I still prescribed to the same exact thought and feelings I did back in December of 2015, I would be very sad to know I had not grown. The fact that I am in a different spot shows I have grown, changed, challenged myself and my thought.

Where am I now? I am living with my boyfriend of almost two years. We are getting ready to adopt a dog together. I have been welcomed into his family circle and I enjoy spending time with them. I have brought David to my family functions and he is getting to know them. I have not attended church on my own in over a year (though I have attended with family on a few occasions). I am no longer torn between a church I use to love and a life I need and want to live.

I am better. I understand life better. I have grown up. I am happy.

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