January 6, 2015

Gay Mormon Blog — Blah

Take one step forward and one step back. That is how it goes right? In regards to this blog, I am doing a one step dance in my mind. I have an epiphany in my mind during the course of my day and when I get home to sit and write I am blank and bland. I often have visions of taking this blog and the MOHO Directory forward into a space of awesomeness. Then I have thoughts of losing certain essential aspects to both that make them so awesome.

Yet, while I struggle with a sludge of stickiness, my personal life is going well. I have begun seeing someone I am smitten with, work is going better than I imagined and I have started to make some friends in Utah who live close by.

Church life is good. I skipped last week by choice but look forward to going this Sunday. Family is wonderful. I can't complain. But this online stuff, it's hard. It shouldn't be. I don't want it to be. I enjoy writing and meeting you. But I just don't have a drive for it right now. Do I change it, with the risk of change being no better than the current state and possibly being worse? Do I just wait it out?


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