August 24, 2014

When A Blogger Has Nothing To Write About

Life is funny sometimes. I think A will happen, but instead G happens. Looking back always provides 20/20 vision, but when I am in the thick of it I really am clueless. When I was prepping to move to Utah, I thought this blog would blow up with posts. I wondered how I would keep up with all the topics and ideas that would flood my mind. That was A. Instead, my mind is blank. I really have had no profound thought or experience cross my mind that I wanted to blog about. This is G.

I wonder why this has been and only have an inkling of an idea. When I was removed from the Mormon sphere of activity, Utah or Zion as some weirdos call it, I wanted and needed to stay connected. My connection to the activities and revolving life as a gay mormon was tired to this blog. Now that I am here, my connection comes in face time, and real life. Thus the need for the blog is diminished.

This could very well be false. I could easily pick up the blogging pace in a months time and this thing could really blossom. If it does, that would be wonderful. I have enjoyed blogging and getting to know people like you over the past 5 years. I hope this happens. But, if it doesn't and this blog slowly fades in the cemetery of blogs come and gone, I think I would be ok with that.

Though, come to think of it, that would be really sad for me.

Who knows. Only time will tell.


  1. Are you calling me a weirdo? I only said welcome to zion as a sarcastic remark... ;-)

  2. Only time will tell, indeed. Just don't every delete or "close" your blog! All these blogs are great resources.