March 1, 2014

The Return of My Alog (Audio Posts)

Over three years ago, I had been posting Alogs on this blog. An Alog is a term I made up to describe an audio post. I stopped making Alogs because I moved home and didn't have the freedom (at least I didn't want feel comfortable) to vocalize the things I want to post about in ear shot from my parents. However, with my imminent move to Salt Lake City, Utah this coming summer I am going to start Alogging again!

For me, speaking is more natural than writing. I do not enjoy writing and in fact feel very self-conscience about my writing ability. I, however, feel confident about my speaking abilities (though I have never come to love my voice). I am able to transcribe my thoughts more clearly and fully when I speak than when I type.

In anticipation of my coming Alogs this summer, here are a few selections of past Alog entries:

February 13th 2011, My Disfellowshippment Anniversary

February 6th 2011, My Testimony

July 7th 2010, How My Location Affected My Experience as a MOHO

July 6th 2010, Analyzing the Letter From My Mission President

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