January 1, 2014

Heart, Mind & Strength

The prospect of newness gets me excited. I think that is why I get a little excited each and every new year. The past handful of New Year Eve's I have worked or had to work the next morning. This is the first time, in as long as I can remember, that I have had the chance to really celebrate.

I mentioned last post, that I don't make new years resolutions. They feel constrictive to me. I do however, make year mottos. It is a statement of how I want to live the new year. I had some ideas I wanted to incorporate in this years motto but I really just had a vision of myself I wanted to work towards. Thus I want to share what my motto for 2014 is:

"I will live with the courage of my heart, truth of my mind & fullness of my strength."

I realized afterwards, it sort of follows the pattern of Doctrine and Covenants 4:2, which was totally a coincidence.

As I look forward to the opportunity this year I will have to really establish myself, I see myself as a force of good. In my post college life I see myself working politically for marriage equality in Utah (I suppose I can check that one off my list). I foresee myself being more open with who I am even when I anticipate disagreement or conflict. I visualize myself really growing into someone who's secure in my being and using that to live a life I am proud of.

The courage of my heart is a matter of bravery. I know how I feel about my life and my beliefs. So the act of living with the courage of my heart is an outward expression of what I know in my heart. I have no need to cower in fear of judgement from others. I have no need to keep silent in fear of disagreement. When I live with courage I will do so with the passion, love and fullness of my heart.

The truth of my mind is a matter of understanding and education. I'm going to be a freaking college graduate yo! That means I do not need to obey other's opinions that are based on their own beliefs. I have questioned, reasoned and wrestled with my thoughts for many years and I have come to my own conclusions. Based in other's ideas or words, my mind is crafting its own interpretation. I have no need to worry about what others say to me, because I have say over my life, my thoughts and how I feel.

The fullness of my strength is two fold. First, I can be strong physically. I have the world at my pleasure and I can go enjoy what God has created. He didn't make this beautiful earth for his own enjoyment, but that I "might have joy". I can go see, explore and love this earth while simultaneously strengthening my body.

Secondly, I have the power to help others. I can use my life, my words, my love and my strength to help those in anyway needed. I want to give and serve, to help those who need it. Whether helping a friend in sadness or a stranger in life I have the strength to help.

Last night as I was driving to my friends house for the party, I was dancing in my car with the music blasting. I was and still am, in a superb mood. It's going to be a great a year.

Below is the design for my year motto.


  1. For some reason, while reading your post, hymn #219 kept going through my head. "Because I have been given much I too must give..." :)

    I love your positive outlook and attitude. Hang on to those, and you will have a rockin' year, for sure!!

    1. Now it will probably be stuck in my head, thanks ;)

  2. It sounds like you're going to have an amazing year filled with new adventures and opportunities around every corner. So exciting!!! And, for the record, I have Hymn 219 stuck in my head now, too...

    1. Thank you Oliver. I'm pretty stoked for the year ahead!

  3. Trevor, you have really motivated me with your last couple of posts. I love your idea of having a motto for the new year and how you let your motto shape you and drive you to do the good in the world that you want to. Thank you for the superb idea you have had. It is something I am going to try in this new year. Thank you so much!! Happy good year to you!!

    @ Rex: It is my favorite song, too. And, it will now also be stuck in my head- but, that is OK!! :)

    1. Thank you Duck. I'm so happy my BFF suggested we try it out last year. We both talked today and decided it's here to stay for us both!