October 28, 2013

Playing House (Gay Version)

When I was younger I liked to play house—I am gay remember. I was, of course the dad. I don't know why it appealed to me, but it did. Earlier this week I got the chance to play an unplanned version of house. This time, gay version.

I was at work (I am a caregiver to a young man with cerebral palsy). He had a doctors appointment that I was asked to accompany him on. His older brother (older than myself by a few years) who is also gay was going along as well. The brother and I have a good relationship that I would consider a friendship. We three were waiting in the lobby of this clinic waiting to be called back to see the doctor. Based on my long relationship with this young man I care for, I am treated like one of the family. The familiarity between all of us tends to make his older brother and myself look a couple when we are out in public together. This appearance was not lost on the many female nurses.

The older brother and I answered questions back and forth and his brother looked to me when answering questions, in order to see if I conquered (much like a couple would do). The reason for the doctors visit was a perplexing issue and the answer was being investigated. We noticed as the doctor visit was going forward more and more female nurses gathered around the rooms door.

As we left the exam room, I pushing the young man and his older brother following behind, we entered the hallway to go back to the lobby, only to be met with nearly 15 female nurses standing in the hallway or poking heads out of rooms. Most said goodbye or smiled at us.

After exiting the clinic and getting the young man into the mini van (best family car ever right?) the older brother commented, "Well we were the highlights of their day weren't we?"

I agreed, "I was just about to say the same thing".

We mused about how funny it was that everyone everyone thought we were a happy, gay, multiracial family with a child who is handicapped. It gave us a good laugh, and still makes me smile when I think about it.

I am looking forward to the day when playing house isn't pretend!


  1. Hopefully, someday such situations will become more normalized so that it doesn't attract so much attention. But, at the same time it didn't sound like it was a negative experience for you.

    1. No it was actually very fun. Kind of felt like a mini celebrity.

  2. Haha, love this story. To a much lesser extent I experienced it when I walked my dog (a tiny, rather adorable dog) with my straight friend last night. Kind of fun imagining if I had really found someone I love to walk my dog with. :)

    1. It is nice to get these little glimpses of what the future can hold!