May 18, 2013

My 2013 Motto Reality

Towards the beginning of this year, 2013, I started to wonder who I was and what I was doing with my life. I asked the question Who Am I? I created a motto for 2013 with my BFF: "I will live more honestly and take chances while exploring and expanding who I am". I even created a nifty little image to go with it. Well that cliche "be careful what you wish for" sure is a bitch.

This year, in the first 5 months, has brought a diagnosis of cancer, and a different diagnosis of pre-cancer. Three surgeries, 5 doctors and thousands of dollars of medical expenses. My job which was with a company I was hoping to turn into my career shut down. Shitty huh? Oh and not to forget that guy I thought was the one.

But in reality, this year as been nothing less of spectacular. I am stronger than I could envisioned and have kicked cancer in the ass. I have paid all my own medical bills and have no debt from it. I got a new job working as a project manager at a marketing company which works with LGBT issues a lot, and it has potential to become a career (plus the possibility of traveling for work is a sweet bonus). As a gay mormon this job is huge for me. I was ok with who I am, but I wasn't ok with others knowing it as much. This job is really expanding my vision of myself and who I am and being ok with others knowing it.  Plus I'm over that boy, and ready to find my better half.

I have one year of school left and might achieve magna cum laude. My financial situation is secure and I couldn't be more proud to have used no student loans during school, which means no debt! I have purged my overuse of Facebook and couldn't be more relieved.

There are still things in life to work on, and things I want to do. But I can't believe the progress I have made in just these five months. This is sort of a bragging post, but I think I have earned it.


  1. I am glad life is looking up for you.

  2. I am glad that things are looking up -- and especially that you have kept a positive outlook. Just keep on keeping on! :)

  3. Good for you, glad that your life is heading in a positive direction. Lots of us LGBT folks spend a lot of our lives in turmoil (some might even say we are addicted to it)--most of all, happy to hear your health is well!

  4. @Dean - Thanks, me too.

    @650 - I think positiveness is the most important thing! Thanks!

    @Miguel - I appreciate it. Thank you.