December 9, 2012

The Slow Growth of My Parents

So just last Sunday I told my parents about my boyfriend. Well, this Saturday I told my mom I was going over to his house for a movie night. "Oh ok, have fun." ...and it was genuine. No depressing sigh, no elongated look of caution. Just a genuine "have fun".

When I was driving to his house and just a few minutes away, my mom called me. She had to ask questions about the Christmas lights she was buying. When I am going over to peoples homes and particularly when she is worried I might do something she doesn't like she usually ends conversations with a "Remember who you are", or "Make good choices". At the end of this conversation, where she knew I was going over to my boyfriend's home, there was no such words of warning.

My dad does a similar thing, once I went to a movie with a guy friend (not a date) and he text me to "be good". He text me asking another question about the Christmas lights but no admonition to be good followed.

In my mind, these are significant actions, or omissions of actions. It made me smile to know, in their own way, my parents are beginning to accept me and my relationship with my boyfriend.


  1. @Trev: :)

    @Justin: Thanks. I guess some congratulations is in order for my parents, for their progression, or tolerance.

    @Evan: It is great to see. It gives me hope of a better relationship with my family and my partner.

    @Dean: Thank you :)