December 23, 2012

Coming out on Facebook

It was a year and a half ago I first considered outing myself on Facebook. It took me just 5 months after that first thought to change my Facebook "interested in" to men, taking another step in my online outing.

Well it was last week that I made the official, pubic outing and announced I am in a relationship with a man!

Before I hit send, I knew who would and who would not like or comment. And for the most part I was right. There were a few surprises. I had one cousin like the relationship. and I had two message me privately, and while not fully embrace my gaydom, congratulate me and acknowledge the bravery it must have taken to announce it. One brother also messaged me privately to congratulate me and say he and his wife would love to met my boyfriend.

There were a few friends who admitted they had no idea I was gay to begin with, and a few church friends like the relationship who surprised me. My mom came to ask me why I felt I wanted everyone to know, and that conversation is saved for another post. But all in all, it went very well, and now I'm completely out on Facebook!


  1. Congrats! Sounds like overall a good response.

    But why do you want everyone to know? <-- Only kidding. No reason why you shouldn't treat a relationship like everyone else does! And it's people who do things like you've done that make the world an easier, better, and more accepting place to live in for gays. Who knows--one of your gay, closeted FB friends may see it and feel some relief that the world is perhaps a bit more inclusive than they perceived it was only a moment ago.

  2. @Justin- and that was part of my reasoning to my mother (treating me the same as if I were dating a girl). I could only hope to make life a little easier for someone who is gay that knows me. Thank you!

  3. Congrats. I am happy for you. I can say that outing myself has made it easier for some other friends, some out and some in the closet. I have been posting photos of my guy and I on Facebook and been pleasantly surprised by some of the "Likes." I hope you have a great Christmas season.