June 3, 2012

Sometimes Bad = Good

Sometimes in your life you have a follow a not so good choice in order to make the rest of your life good. After having issues with my new roommate, I have to make a bad choice, so that my life can be good again. Let me explain.

I had the worlds best roommates for a little over a year. They (a gay couple) wanted to split rent three ways with me, because they though it to be fair, even though they shared a room. They spent a few months here in Portland and then would travel and spend a few months in Australia, resulting in only living here about half of a year in total. However they insisted they pay rent while they were out of the country. This gave me many months of freedom while still only paying a third of the rent. When they were here in the states, we got along almost perfectly. Then came time for them to move to Australia more full time and let go of the apartment. We made arrangements months in advance on move out procedures and such.

Then after a second failed attempt of my friend from work to move in, I was stuck needing someone to move in quickly to avoid paying a third months rent on my own. I made a quick decision to let in a guy who could pay right away and seemed decent. Agreements were made before he moved in. To spare needless details, he reneged on his agreement, and was financially trying to hussel me. (Note to the world, never try to hussel me financially, for I will never forgive and forget).

After discussing the issue with my parents, they inserted in the conversation that I am always welcome to move back home to save money. *cue intense music* After weighing the pros and cons, the pros out numbered and out weighed the cons enough for me to comfortably decide to move back home until I finish college.

I am now 25, and won't graduate college until I am just over 27. I don't know why in the world I am graduating so late, but such is my lot. The thought of having to move back home with the folks isn't a life long dream of mine, nor is it something I will be proud of, but I feel the college student title makes it some what acceptable.

The most obvious and glaring con of this decision is in regard to my church and gay life. I spoke to my sister who shares many parallels in life to my own to figure out what I should expect in living with mom and dad again. She believed that while my parents would like me to go back to church, they would never force me into doing so. I agreed. I would obviously not be wise to bring any guy home, to which I absolutely agreed and never imagined doing in the first place (besides I have determined that there is no gay I want to date in Oregon anyways, and am holding off on dating, barring a great find, until I move to my future city).

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to write about the possible church and gay life adjustments I expect and what I decide to do about them. I move at the end of June, which gives me a few weeks to figure out what I want to do (because, as I will write, I would like to go to a little bit of church).

So stay tuned...


  1. Sounds like a wise, well-reasoned decision. I am glad, however, that it's something you do reluctantly. I've noticed a somewhat sad tendency in your generation towards being happy to go home so they can be taken care of by their parents. Also very wise concerning boyfriends. It will be, after all, our parents house. Their house, their rules right?

    Good luck my friend.

  2. Don't worry about being 27 when you graduate. Really, you are still young! I didn't graduate from BYU until I was 33. Then I went back to school when I was 44. I'm 8 years into a new career and I couldn't be happier about it. Age is all about perspective. From where I sit you're just a kid.

  3. @ControllerOne - Yes it is done very reluctantly. I take no pride in living with my parents.

    @Andy - Hahaha, thanks for the perspective.