May 13, 2012

Places I Want to Move to: #3

As I come belatedly to my last two-ish years in University, I have begun to roughly compile a list of places I want to move to. I am working to become a high school history/government teacher. I was raised in Spokane, Washington, and have lived in Salem/Portland, Oregon for the past 9ish years. I don't like a lot of snow, and I dont like a lot of rain. I am a wimp in the heat and would much prefer 60 degree weather year round. Humidity makes me pouty like a toddler but I can take dry heat.

This is the information that builds the foundation of my decisions. I have a mental list of cities I want to move to while the cities themselves stay constant the rankings are in constant flux. Here is a run down of the current list.

Seattle was #4

#3 – Manchester, NH

Scenery: I have always had an unexplained love of the New England charm. The old(ish) buildings and the vibrant fall colors. I would be sad to leave behind the snow capped mountains of the West, but I think I could welcome the rolling hills of the East. 

Weather: I understand that New England has all four seasons pretty intensely. When it's winter, it's really winter. The only huge negative is the humidity in the East. The Eastern humidity is pretty unbearable (for me). When I visited DC in late September, I was dying, and people kept telling me it was the best weather they had all summer?!

Politics: This is the greatest reason Manchester is on my list. This city is the heart beat of presidential politics. The campaigning starts a full year or two years in advance of the actual campaigns. The politicking in Manchester is intensely more personal and intimate with the candidates then almost anywhere else, and since it is the largest city in the region, candidates spend a lot of time there.

Love Life: I expect the church is small in the East, therefore finding a gay Mormon guy would be near impossible. If my goal is to find a husband, Manchester would be out of the running.

Career: Education is stable and income is what is to be expected for a high school teaching postion. I expect the opportunity to be more involved with politics in a career sense would be greatly enhanced living here though.

Family & Friends: I would be banishing myself to exile in Manchester. The only link home would be the Southwest Airlines hub in Manchester, and that flys directly to Spokane and Portland so I could visit family. I would be able to build my own life, independent of my families influence, and also have start from scratch in the friends department too.

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