May 20, 2012

Places I Want to Move to: #2

As I come belatedly to my last two-ish years in University, I have begun to roughly compile a list of places I want to move to. I am working to become a high school history/government teacher. I was raised in Spokane, Washington, and have lived in Salem/Portland, Oregon for the past 9ish years. I don't like a lot of snow, and I dont like a lot of rain. I am a wimp in the heat and would much prefer 60 degree weather year round. Humidity makes me pouty like a toddler but I can take dry heat.

This is the information that builds the foundation of my decisions. I have a mental list of cities I want to move to while the cities themselves stay constant the rankings are in constant flux. Here is a run down of the current list.

Manchester, NH was #3

#2 – Denver

Scenery: Denver, being in the western portion of America has some of the same scenery I've grown accustom to, namely mountains with rivers and expansive land. Though I have never been here, I have a feeling I would feel very much at home.

Weather: Having all four seasons is important to me. Since I am addicted to change, changing between four seasons will be just right. What excites me the most about Denver is the frequency of thunderstorms! I grew up with a fair amount of them in Spokane, Washington. It wasn't until I moved to Oregon that I realized how much I miss them!

Politics: Denver, and Colorado for that matter, is usually considered a swing state. It leans to the left, but certainly isn't as extreme as Oregon. Therefore I feel like I could live here without an all out assault on my political views.

Love Life: Denver has a fair amount of gays. It has a large Mormon community which I can find myself a mate.

Career: Education is stable and income is what is to be expected for a high school teaching postion. I would certainly not be moving here for any career benefits.

Family & Friends: Denver has a great airport which could get me home in an quick fashion. I would be close enough to go home for special events and whenever I feel like it, but I am far enough away that I can safely establish my own life.

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