May 26, 2012

Places I Want to Move to: #1

As I come belatedly to my last two-ish years in University, I have begun to roughly compile a list of places I want to move to. I am working to become a high school history/government teacher. I was raised in Spokane, Washington, and have lived in Salem/Portland, Oregon for the past 9ish years. I don't like a lot of snow, and I dont like a lot of rain. I am a wimp in the heat and would much prefer 60 degree weather year round. Humidity makes me pouty like a toddler but I can take dry heat.

This is the information that builds the foundation of my decisions. I have a mental list of cities I want to move to while the cities themselves stay constant the rankings are in constant flux. Here is a run down of the current list.

Denver was #2

#1 – Salt Lake City

Scenery: Utah, being in the western portion of America has those mountains with rivers and expansive land I have come to love so much from living in the west. I have visited Salt Lake City enough, I feel, to know that I would feel right at home with the urban scape of downtown but still close to nature.

Weather: Having all four seasons is important to me. Since I am addicted to change, changing between four seasons will be just right. I understand that Utah's winters are a little more harsh than I have become accustom to living in Oregon for 10 years. I also know that the summers will be a little more humid than I like, but I feel that the changing four seasons will keep all the extremes in check.

Politics: Salt Lake is fairly open minded, while still nestled in the vast conservate state of Utah. I feel like this would be the perfect political meshing for my preferences. State politics would be conservative, while having liberal city politics (though stamped by the church). The political climate in Salt Lake is the second biggest reason I want to move there.

Love Life: This is, by a far measure, the main reason I want to move there. The plethora of gay Mormon guys, who have a strong background and understanding of what it means to be Mormon is so important to me. I can't see having a relationship with someone who doesn't understand what it means to be Mormon. I don't expect to find a solidly active Mormon partner, nor I do expect to be with a complete anti-Mormon gay, but I feel like Salt Lake and Utah at large would give me that perfect mix of church and gay in a guy.

Career: Education is stable and income is what is to be expected for a high school teaching postion. I would certainly not be moving here for any career benefits.

Family & Friends: I have a grouping of friends that live in Salt Lake and surrounding cities. From high school that have since moved, or from my mission, I would have a instant netting of friendships in the area. I do not have any immediate family, though I have a lot of extend family, which I would not spend too much time with. (Though when life goes to crap or horrible situations come, its always nice to have some sort of family to cry with.)


  1. Wow, this makes _me_ want to move to Salt Lake, ha ha.

    Have you used the site Cor Invictus to meet people? There aren't tons on there, but it seems like it might have potential.

  2. It seems so perfect in my head, now is it perfect in reality?!

    I am on Cor Invictus and I just dont see the point of doing an online long distance relationship. I want the real thing!

  3. At one time I considered moving to Salt Lake before I picked up a job in Houston. I'm pretty happy that I didn't end up there. I have a low tolerance for cold weather and for some reason, dating another gay Mormon just never set well in my mind. I think I was just in a pretty conflicting state of mind at the time and wanted the support that could be easily found there.

    It's a good city though, especially if you want to find a cute gay Mormon boy! ;)

  4. You're very right Evan, a job can really dictate where I move too. I can totally understand not wanting to date another Mormon boy, but for me it just seems so paramount, the depth of understanding we would have, because I still believe in most all of the doctrinal teachings and such. But love is love and it can be found in just about anyone no matter what their background is.