October 9, 2011

Facebook Outting

I am going to speak one of the biggest cliched ideas we bloggers have. "I have not blogged in forever because I'm so busy, but I promise to blog more often." To be honest I am not going to promise I will blog more often. So stick that in your juice box and SUCK IT!

In all honesty I have been up to my neck in school and work. I really feel like I have no breaks from Monday 6am to Saturday 1pm. I am in school taking 16 credits and working half time +. Then I have homework and art projects and ASL group meetings and art group projects to meet with. Sunday this week was the first day I got to sit and just relax, but then I remembered I had piles of homework to do, because I know I won't have time between Mon-Sat.

Really — I get up at 6-7am and get home 8-9 pm, then go straight to bed cause I have to wake up early again. Anyways... Woe is me, boo hoo.

There is one thing of interest I can mention before I go to bed tonight and begin my week anew. I came out on Facebook.

Coming out has been an interesting process in retrospect. I can always point to pivotal coming out times in my life, and trace it back to a simple thought about the act. I first thought about having to come out to my father when I was still at BYU-I. I had never had that thought cross my mind before, and quickly dismissed it as a no-go. Three months later I came out to him. I had the very random and odd thought of coming out to my sister, which was such a far stretch idea I laughed at it. Five months later, I came out to my siblings. Early last spring I wondered what it would be like to come out on Facebook and have my "Interested In" read MEN. I quickly brushed the idea out of my head as a "never going to happen" thought. Then last month, I became "Interested In MEN" (officially on Facebook).

I did remove the action from being put on people news feeds, because I detest and dislike public showcases of coming out. It is, however, free for anyone to look for and find. Even my crazy relatives in Utah who are — well — from Utah is a good enough description.

So yeah — no one has said anything or asked about it, though Im sure some have seen it. I even posted an article from GOProud (a gay conservative group) on my wall. So yeah, blah blah blah Im so proud of myself (pat on the back).

Good night!

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  1. I did that too. Just changed it to "interested in girls" one day... I honestly don't think anyone ever looks at the info page unless you have only just been friended by someone.