July 6, 2011


Please take this survey.

"Dr. Renee Galliher, psychology professor at Utah State University, is collaborating with Dr. Bill Bradshaw (retired BYU professor who has lectured on biological origins of homosexuality) and John Dehlin (founder of Mormon Stories) in conducting a research study that is designed to explore the experiences of Latter Day Saints who experience or have experienced same-sex attraction. The questions in this survey focus on how LDS people have experienced same-sex attraction through time, their beliefs about the nature of homosexuality, any experience they may have had in attempting to understand or alter their orientation, the current state of satisfaction with their lives and their feeling about and relationship with the Church.

Right now, this team is seeking to publicize the survey and to obtain responses from as many people as possible, regardless of one's current affiliation with the Church.  The survey can be found and completed here.  Responses are confidential and no individual will be identifiable in any report of the results of the study unless they choose to be identified.

Please take time to complete this survey if you are or have been LDS and have experienced same sex attraction.  It will take about 30 minutes to complete."


  1. Thank you for directing me to this survey. It gave me pause to ponder about where I stand with being me, with my relationship with God, with the church, etc. I hope it comes to benefit the research.

  2. Good survey. I'll be interested to see the results. Thanks for posting...

  3. @Beck- You're welcome. I found it on someone else's blog.

    @Neal- I definitely want to see the results too.