June 3, 2011

Why Polygamists May Bring Me Around to Gay Marriage

I have been a staunch supporter of traditional marriage of a man and a woman. That may sounds strange coming from a gay man, but its true. Over the recent past, I began to think I may reconsider my standing on that issue. Let me share with you why.

I have posted about my thoughts on gay marriage many times. From my interpreting the church's stance on gay marriage, or sharing about my class discussion where I defended my belief of what a marriage is, too an outsiders view on prop 8, another defense of prop 8 from myself and another explanation on my stance.

HBO's, Big Love.
When I finished watching Dexter on Netflix, I needed a new TV show to start. I remembered hearing about a show on HBO called Big Love, when I was on my mission in England. I saw a giant billboard for this show, and thought, "oh gosh, this isn't good." Big Love is centered around a modern day polygamist family in Utah and their coming out to the state. Well I started watching this show I instantly became hooked. From the plot to the characters to the theme, I was glued to each episode. Like all good things it came to an end, and I was thirsting for a new show.

Sister Wives on TLC, the Brown Family.
My sister had said that she was addicted to a show on TLC called Sister Wives. I figured, I liked Big Love, so this ought to be good. This show is about a real life polygamist family in Utah and them coming out to the world. Again, I'm hooked.

I started thinking last week, whats wrong with this? Whats wrong with people sharing in their love, even though it may not be in a fashion I want for myself. I then thought to myself, wait shouldn't this apply to gay marriage as well? I have always been supportive of civil unions, and granting those unions all the same legal rights a married couple has. But then I realized a distinction between gay marriage and this polygamist family. This family in Utah is not asking for the government to recognize their marriages, they are just asking that they not be thrown in jail. Gay marriage is, on the other hand, asking for a recognition from the government to legalize their union as a marriage

I still do not support gay marriage, just like I dont support a polygamist marriage to be fully recognized by the government. I do though, fully support both a gays right to have their union as I do a polygamist their right to have their union. Am I comparing the two as equal unions? No, because they are just different, but this is opening my mind to new possibilities and options. And who knows, maybe another year down the road I will support gay marriage, and maybe even polygamist marriage.

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