June 18, 2011

Leaving the MOHO Facebook Group

I would like to think someone noticed, but that is just my vanity showing. I left the MOHO Facebook group about a month ago, and can I just say, it has been one of my better decisions. I was not personally offended by anyone, nor was I angry at anyone. It was just one reason after another in my mind that led me to hit that "leave group" button.

All the notifications were beyond annoying. I was getting the red dot in my top bar nearly every minuet. Every time I went to check what was being said, it was some personal thread, or just pure nonsense. There was also a LOT of things that I did not find interesting. A lot of negativity in regards to the church, and I don't like it. Some may say its good to have all views, and I would agree with that, but a constant bombardment of negativity was beginning to ware me out.

I felt like I had to stay, to represent my view point in the group, and to stay connected to the community. Then I decided I don't have to do anything I don't want to do. I wanted to leave, and so I left. It feels liberating to be out of the facebook group. I'll admit, there are times I wish I could see what was going on, but if I'm honest, I don't really care.


  1. I'm still in it, but I rarely look onto the group...which is the kind of intermittent contact I've had with the MoHo blogosphere as of late. For me, I just lost the angst that kept me caring about being a gay Mormon. I don't need the conflict between the two to define me.

  2. I have found that with a lot of gay groups. I kinda have just secluded myself to my day to day activities and not much in the gay world anymore.

  3. I'm like Grant, and it's a relief to move past that angst of trying to reconcile the irreconcilable and get on with life. So while I'm still in the group I don't pay nearly as much attention as I used to either. Blocking posts from a couple of particularly quarrelsome members helped a lot. And like MoHo in Vegas, my day to day life is far more important anyway.

  4. I'm really wanting to leave the group as well, for the same reasons you posted... but haven't yet, again, for the same reasons you posted. I feel like the only reason I'm staying is to keep my finger on the pulse of the MoHo community.

  5. @Grant– You know, I have never thought of it in that way. That I am using the conflict of being a gay mormon, to define me... Thanks for a new way to look at things.

    @Vegas– Me too!

    @Rob– I agree.

    @Lucky Jake– I suppose its a lot easier for me too since Im not in Utah, but I'd say if you want to leave, then do it.

  6. I left the group a couple months ago too for much the same reason. As much as I love my fellow Mohos, this was just one arena I didn't care to participate in.