June 5, 2011

I Survived a Lesbian Party

Im going to try to have this make sense. I work at a retirement community. I applied for an assistant position which a friend was vacating because she was moving. I interviewed with my potential new boss, who I am friends with (since working at this place for over a year), and also the other assistant came in at the end of the interview (I am also friends with her). After the interview, I went out to a pub (I don't drink) with this friend, potential new boss, and potential other assistant for a going away party. Odd huh? Lets make this more interesting. My friend who is moving is a lesbian, my potential new boss is a lesbian, and they invited two other lesbians. So the make up of the party was four lesbians, a gay guy, 2 straight girls and a straight guy. Quite the mix eh?

I do have an admission though. Lesbians have always kind of scared me. Sorry Kiley, Sam and Elise. So this was a important step for me to spend so much time with lesbians. I did learn some interesting differences between gays and lesbians.

Lesbians really do care much more about the ooey gooey bits of relationships in the beginning. Not once did I hear, "Is she cute?" "What does she look like?" Lesbians tend to dive into a serious relationship very quickly. My boss, moved into her (now) wife's home on the second date?!

One thing in common, Lesbians do love the fruity drinks as much as gays do.

One other nice part was when my friend who is moving asked me about my love life, I am not out to the potential other assistant, I was not scared of talking about guys in front of her. The other cool part was she didn't make a big deal about it, even though she had no idea. It didn't change out relationship.

So yes, I survived a lesbian party.


  1. So glad you survived this venture! (Cept I have to say Kiley's not very scary ... LOL)

    I like ooey gooey stuff, but I do ask if she's cute ... does that make me shallow? LOL I am also unique in that I try to take my time before "serious" ... but I guess that's only now that I'm older. I wonder why we do that jumping in thing? I don't know about fruity drinks, tho, since I don't drink, either.

    Maybe when Kiley's in town this month we should all hang out so you can see how fun and non-scary all us lesbians are. ;)

  2. Kimmy - you're SO shallow =PP

    (and before I saw your comment, I was going to say that they're not really scary after you get past the scary. I can say that, right? ^^ )
    I don't know why anyone wouldn't like fruity drinks, btw. As long as they're made of corn syrup...

  3. @Kim – Where do you live? Are you in Oregon?

    @Happy– If I drank Im sure I'd go for the fruity drinks. Who doesn't like sweet things?!

  4. I'm in Utah. Isn't everyone? LOL. I guess if you're in OR you would have to see how unscary Kiley is all on your own. ;).

  5. Wow, I'm quite the topic of conversation here in the comments! Sorry to have inadvertently hijacked your blog. (I agree that lesbians are scary despie my membership in the club! Congrats on surviving!) I'm not a fruity drink girl though... Vodka Tonic for me!