May 28, 2011

The Don Lemon Effect

Did you hear the news that Don Lemon, an anchor from CNN, came out in his new book? Full disclosure, I have a monster crush on Don. I never ever suspected he was gay, and I think that is why I found him so attractive. Enough gushing, back to the point...

The few days following, I had a strong desire to come out 100% on Facebook, as I mentioned in my last post. Celebrities have come out before, but seeing Don come out was different. Don does not have any stereotypical gay traits (that we can see from his TV persona). Thats why his coming out was different and why it gave me a desire to follow suit.

I'm not 100% straight acting by any means. I have some subtle OGT's (obvious gay traits), but for the most part I dont think I set gay-dars on high alert when I past someone in the hallway. The prospect that the country has a new model of a gay man to see, in Don Lemon, was exciting and something I feel is much needed. I would like to think that I am also, in my own ways, a new model of a gay.

Im a gay mormon, like many of you. I am also a hardcore conservative. If you thought being gay was a minority status and a lonely existence, try being a gay conservative. Most gay men dismiss my being conservative as being young, or naive. It is not youthful or naive to be a conservative, its just a different way of seeing the world. This explains why I am wanting to work for GOProud, because they help people like me have a voice.

If I were able to come 100% out on FB, I would give extended family, and friends a new type of gay to see and learn about. I could help them expand their vision of the world, and of gays in particular. I could show them that all gays are not the same, we are diverse too. I think that would bring a lot of good insight for them. It would make the subject of gays more approachable as well.

This is the effect Don Lemon's coming out had on me. I did not come out 100% on FB for many reasons, but I am getting closer to the day that I feel I can. That excites me. Im excited for the possibilities and discussions I will have. The minds I will open form biased views on both sides of the political spectrum.


  1. Good luck to you if you decide to do it. I'm sure you'd do it with class.