February 22, 2011

What I Need In A Man

So I took this test on a dating website—stop laughing at me—and the results are actually spot on. From my last relationship (he is a great guy) and from what I know about myself this all sums it up pretty well. There are lengthier explanations for each category, but I will just post their "Bottom Line" sentence for each one.

I am an Interdependence person.

Bottom line: you need someone who reciprocates a strong feeling of attachment to a partner but who also respects and copes well with the fact that you benefit from a reasonable level of physical and psychological space at times.

Bottom line: you need someone who will understand and accept a slow pace for emotional intimacy with you and provide frequent reassurance of their feelings and intentions as the relationship is taken to progressive levels.

Bottom line: you need a partner who has a good degree of energy, enthusiasm and self-efficacy like you, as opposed to a partner who needs constant nurturance and reassurance to feel empowered and valued as person.

Relationship readiness-
Bottom line: you need someone who wants a relationship, rather than needs one to feel personally fulfilled.

Bottom line: you need someone who will not put up emotional barriers when you seek to understand his/her thoughts and feelings, but rather will communicate with you intimately and candidly.

Conflict resolution-
Bottom line: you need someone who is calm, cool and collected and who is willing to address issues spontaneously and through intense, action-oriented debates and discussions.

Bottom line: you need someone who regards sex as a meaningful bond between people in love and who appreciates being the center of attention in the bedroom.

Attitudes toward love-
Bottom line: you need someone who believes that the best kind of love grows out of a strong friendship.

Preferred Expressions of Affection-
Bottom line: You need someone who can express affection through simple or grand acts of kindness — such as helping you out around the house, running errands for you or doing favors without being asked.

Bottom line: This does not mean that you neither like nor need Verbal Communication. Rather, it suggests that you need someone who can show affection in ways other than just verbal expressions such as spontaneous compliments, frequent “I love you’s,” occasional notes for you to find and recognition of your achievements.