February 20, 2011

Some Plans for the Future

So in from diabolical plan of David's, to a wimpy version for myself, I am targeting someone I want to work for.


The diabolical genius himself


  1. Facebook Ads + Google Ads + Remarketing cookies = amazing!

    Also I have met with Jimmy DeSilva at an event talking about his personal (not GOProud's) position on Abortion. I could make an introduction if you would like for the internship. I know they ere looking for interns.

  2. BTW, when viewed in Chrome on a mac your blog has a blogger artifact at the top. It is the menu nav. You should look into just eliminating it so that the design flows perfectly across all browsers.

  3. Oh David, Yeah Ill have to talk to you about doing that for me.

    Interestingly I use Chrome on a mac, and dont see what your talking about... Ill try moving the nav bar and let me know if it fixes it.

    Cheers bro!