February 13, 2011

Disfellowshipment Anniversary

The one year anniversary of my disfellowshipment is next this week, and that brings some things forward that I don't wanna deal with yet. 



  1. Hey man, I'm disfellowshiped also. One of the many things I've learned from the experience is you can't let church leadership hustle you. You workout your own salvation on your own time. We all make progress differently. I'm with ya you have to do things because you want to and when you really have a testimony to justify such actions. Going through the motions of a being a 'good mormon' is exhausting. Props man and good luck!

  2. Been there. You should choose your own time. I agree with AKgayN.LDS, don't let them hustle you. You are OK. Best Regards.

  3. I obviously wouldn't be able to say for sure, but my guess (knowing your new bishop like I do) is that he wouldn't convene a disciplinary council without you. I think if you were honest with him and told him where you're at and and that didn't want to dive into the "repentance process" just to do it, he would respect that. I could totally understand not talking to him about things though. I know I've been there.

    Sadly, I'm not in that ward anymore. I started attending a family ward last week.

  4. @AKgayN.LDS- I agree, and thats why I have stayed silent (not talking with them unless I want to). My dad though seems to think he should talk about it often :)

    @mohoguy- thanks!

    @JonJon- What... thats lame! Even though Im in that wards boundaries and they have my records, I don't attend there. When I go, I go to the branch downtown because its easier to reach on the bus. But I do miss that ward, there was some good people in it. How's the family ward?

  5. The family ward was...meh. I've only been once though. That was last week and today was stake conference. We'll see. It definitely isn't the CR Ward.

  6. I'm sorry. I hope this new bishop gives you your space to figure things out.

  7. I've been in your shoes and felt the same way as you feel now. Sometimes they hold a council to excommunicate someone if they feel strongly about the need for it without the person, but I have never heard of them holding a council for a disfellowshipped individual without you being there.

    I agree that you should do things for the right reasons and not exterior imposed expectations.

    Good luck my friend.

  8. Just an update - I had a dream last night that the entire Priesthood leadership of the ward that this Bishop is from, came into my bedroom 5 seconds after I woke up... I woke up in real life before I heard what they were going to say. lol

    So I decided I should contact the Bishop some how and tell him what I need/want (which is space).

    I sent him an email this morning (2.23.2011) explaining my situation and that when I go to church I go to a closer building.

    We'll see how he responds.