December 20, 2010

You Didn't Ask, But I'm Going To Tell



The repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" a DEMOCRATIC law mind you, is a step forward. For sometime I did not make a formal opinion on the matter and I was not sure how I personally felt. I knew what some republicans thought and what some democrats thought, I also knew what some friends thought but I had not made up my own mind. Now that it has been repealed, I have a few thoughts about the matter. I still reserve my right to form my formal opinion later however.

Why would we ban someone, who wants to fight to defend out country from doing so, simply based on who they are attracted to? That makes no sense to me.

I am glad this was repealed in the proper manner, not by a single judge, and not Presidential Directive (the real name of this is hiding from me right now). It was done properly, through the legislative branch as is commissioned by the constitution.

The Pentagons review of the implementation of this was over and they saw no reason not to institute it, so McCain's lame ass excuse and declaration of "this is a sad day," is idiotic and another good reason I didnt vote for him in the Republican Primaries (even though I'd rather have him then Obama).

Really there is only one con that I can see to the repeal of DADT and that is when someone joins the army, they join to become part of a team. The army is a collection of individuals melting into one unit. Individuality should be left at the door. Much like a LDS mission, you lose yourself for two years in order to serve. The military is the same. Now its true that sexual orientation should not matter, and thankfully now, it doesn't. But because someone can not be dismissed for being gay, will that protect someone from leaving the cohesive unit to stand out as an individual?

I hope this does not happen. Someone, who is rightfully due to their sexual preference, using it as a banner to draw attention to themselves and their uniqueness is not going to help anyone. Most members of the military, gay or straight, I don't believe would do this. If someone signs up for the service it is to do one thing, serve. I don't see many wanting to draw attention to themselves and break their unit. I do worry that there will be some that do. As there is always a minority in every group, who ruin a good perception of the majority.

As I was listening to RUSH (Yes I listen to him proudly), one of his callers said this will make the numbers volunteering to join the service go down, because gays are now allowed. This is baloney, and a stupid idea.

Also, there shall be no more hating of military recruiting programs. Berkley and all the other leftist college campuses should allow them back on their campus. It is after all the only beef the liberals had with them... right?

P.S. Anyone that uses Lady Gaga as a spokesperson, needs to fire their PR manager.


  1. No thats not what Im thinking of.

    It's the thing that obama promised to Sen. Baucus of Montana dealing with abortion after the health bill.