November 13, 2010

Wazz Up

I'm sorry, but I really have nothing to say tonight, so if you have anything better to do, close this tab on your browser.

GQ is a great guy. We get along so well, and are very happy together. We are going slow and communicating a lot, since this really is new for both of us, but I have to say I am super lucky.


Around 2 weeks ago, I got the itch to start listening to Christmas music. I am usually the one confused why people and stores start decorating before thanksgiving is even started, but this year I am one of those people. My Pandora account is full of Christmas melodies and I love it!


I am moving in less than a month and it has been quite a hellish experience. My first roommate didn't think it was important to tell me he wasn't going to move down to Portland for about a month. Leaving me in a false assumption that we would room together. It was only after I read he got a job on his Facebook post, that he told me the job was in Washington and not Portland like he told me. FORGET HIM!

Backup roommate Konrad was next in line. Unfortunately his current roommate decided she wouldn't move like he had thought, so he was out.

I went into a tail spin trying to find a roommate, and with only one month to go. I cannot stay in my current place because they are raising the rent $100, and I just can't afford that.

My friend informed me SHE was moving up to Portland as soon as she found a roommate and an apartment. I ask if she would be cool living with a guy/me? She said she had no problem with it, but wondered what the church would say. She asked her parents and they said they totally trust me and would have no issue with it, but they also wondered if it would be an issue with the bishop. I asked my pops (who is a Stake President) and he said knowing her and myself, he would be ok with it, but that it would look suspicious and we might want to talk to the bishop of the ward we would move into.

I decided to come out to her, because that might sway her one way or the other. I mean - its not like Im gonna try to seduce her... She has boobies (yuck). She said she sees no issue living with me, but wanted to talk it over with her parents and sleep on it. Well the next morning, the potential roommate said she and her parents had prayed about it and just felt it wouldn't be right, even though they all trusted me and couldn't see an outward reason to say no. So my 3rd roommate fell through.

So my world was crashing around me. I needed to go home and sulk. I bought a box of donuts and rented a sappy chick flick and crashed for the night. I called my mommy and lamented my situation to her. I told her if I cannot find a roommate I had two options left.
1- Move home for the whole month of December and tell work its an emergency and I need to go home, and try to find a roommate before school started again in January.
2- Transfer schools to one near my parents home and move in with them.

Well through the magical powers of Facebook, I posted that I was looking for a roommate and one of my buddies said he was too. So my fingers are crossed, and he and I are in talks. There is 3 issues though, he is gay, not mormon, and smokes weed. I really am only bothered by the last one. I told him he would not be allowed to smoke in the house, and he was ok with that. So I am really hoping this all works out!

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  1. Good luck. I gotta say though, and meaning no disrespect to your friend personally, that the "I prayed about being your roommate and it doesnt feel right even though I know you and I like you and I trust you and I see no reason why it wouldn't work so I'm going to bail on you at the last minute anyway and leave you in a difficult situation" reflects an aspect of Mormonism I never liked or respected. Saying "I just dont feel good about it" is often played as a spiritual trump card that others are expected not to even question, though it may be totally ridiculous and may, as in your case, create serious difficulty for someone else for no reason. Seems to me that seriously violates the Golden Rule. I'm sure your friend thought she was listening to inspiration. But I judge things by their results and I don't see any good ones here. Sorry, this is a hot button issue for me and I just had to vent a little. Again, good luck working it out.