October 2, 2010

Pre-Conference Thoughts



Thank you to Kiley for posting some thoughts about her views on conference. I thought I would like to share my views through out my life on conference too,

Growing up Saturday sessions were always a option. However my parents offered rewards if we went. We could stay home, and complete a chore list that our parents made for us, usually raking leaves. If we went they would take us out for lunch between sessions, which was something we did not get to do often growing up. I would usually go, because I did not want to do chores, but also I thought it was a worth while way to spend a Saturday.

A few years before my mission, conference was a little more burdensome. Sundays where fine and I sometimes enjoyed them, but Saturdays seemed like a drag. There was one conference I remember in particular. We were invited to go to a friend of the family's beach house and spend conference weekend with them. We watched all sessions, and I discovered why conference was such a good thing. Watching conference made me feel good inside. It made me hopeful. It made me want to be a better person. This was my witness from the spirit that conference and hearing from Gods chosen servants was a good and worthwhile thing.

On the mission the conference was like Kiley said, It was a break from tracking. Although it was also a chance to draw strength from another source. It was a way to recharge my spirits and my energy to preach. I always looked forward to conference.

After the mission conferences have blurred together. I did get to go live after I got off the mission and that was wonderful as always. But it hasn't had the same impact on me.  However, I dont think they have changed, but I have changed how I watch them. I dont dress up in church clothes and go to the church building to watch anymore. I sit at home in my PJ's and watch while I do chores, or surf the web.

I think that is one down side to the mass media we have these days. Because its so easily accesible, we say, well I'll just sit in PJ's and watch. Or Let me go make a sandwich. Its ok, if I miss something Ill read it in the Ensign (which I never do)!

I plan on watching this weekend. I hope I can pay attention again so I can feel that recharge that I so desperately want, and need.

(Sorry if I pronounced your name wrong Kiley)

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