October 20, 2010

2 Parts - Dad and Fake Blogger

There is two things I wanna talk about today. 1- A talk I had with my pops today. 2- Blogger-gate (possibly the first MOHO scandal?!)



I had this conversation with my pops on last week Wednesday. Today he brought me some books that arrived for school, and he took me out to lunch - just because. This time I brought up the topic of gayness to him. I rarely bring up this topic, but I wanted to talk about it today.

In readers digest form - he told me that the church needs to have an open discussion about gays in the church. Not that they need to accept marriages, but that we need to begin to have a dialogue. I told him about my post about active gay members needing to stand up. He said he agreed. It helps to personalize the topic.

He told me he thinks that God is behind the repeal of DADT, and that this and other current events are what will lead to the discussion in the church about gays and how they are treated. He mentioned that the whole NOW (women's right to reproduce movement) was shortly followed by the talks in conference from many prophets of how men need to treat women better. He said he thinks this is God's way to probably do the same for gays in the church. (Not that the church changed their stance on abortions though).

I told him how sad I was that he nor my mother asked Elder Bednar a question about their gay son. He said he had encouraged my mom to say something, but she didn't. (Though I don't know why he couldn't). I told him its sad to see parents afraid to say they have gay children because that is so taboo in the church. He said he agreed, and he would have no problem with people knowing. (I know he means well, but I really don't know how comfortable he would be with it). He said, on occasion his Bishops will try to hand off people with this issue to him to deal with, and he tells them "No you can handle it." Therefore allowing them to see its not so taboo, and not scary to talk with them. Overall I got a sense that he, as I feel, its time for this to be talked about openly in the church.

I walked away very happy with our conversation.

I have a lot more I want to say in connection with this topic, but it will have to wait.




Drama. Should I have expected less from gays? We have our first "gate" in the MOHO world. Blogger-gate and I am dubbing it. Is Gay Mormon Guy (GMG) real, or a poser? Gay Saint, and Scrum Central, Have both posed the question, is GMG real, or some straight therapist who follows church principle to a tee posing? I had another MOHO ask me my opinion a couple days ago.

While I will say I don't know, it is curious, but really, I don't care.

What would be the harm? This person would be imposing on our very real life situations and experiences, he is also being paraded around as a poser in order to convert some to their way of thinking.

A suggestion is that this person should out themselves, and if he doesn't he is a coward. I think this is silly, bordering on bullying. I blogged under a tightly secure pen name for a year. I was not ready to come out. I wanted anonymity. I suggested if GMG feels he needs a way to clear his name he could come out to a MOHO blogger he trusts and then have a witness. But really, he doesn't need to if he doesn't want to.

So his following grew by 400 follows after his stanch defense of Packer, and he was paraded around the web as a gay mormon who gets it. In all honesty his following will die off again and he will fall back to where he was before. If he doesn't and he stays a celebrity, his attention will spill over to the rest of us, and then we can show everyone there is a wide spectrum of MOHO's.

Yes I get that this is a hurtful thing for someone to pose as one of us. We have gone through our own hells to get where we are right now. GMG if you are fake, please leave quietly. If you're not, you're more than welcome to stay, under any pen name you like.


  1. I think he's fake. Maybe it is just the conspiracy theorist in me but I think he is totally a plant from the church. It helps members who had doubts about homosexuality feel ok about how the church treats homosexuals because here is one that acquiesces to their wishes.

    I have long wondered how many gays there are that manage to stay active in the church. I wonder how many there are that continue to attend. I feel that I could learn a lot from those that continue in their member of the church, but they are driven into the closet and not likely to talk. It is such a painful thing to be a believer and a gay.

    I could be wrong but his posts don't feel authentic to me.

  2. I promise I will try not to take offense at the omission of a very crucial letter "r" from the name of my blog. ;-)

  3. @Rob- I am so very sorry! I always thought it was scum central. My apologies!

    @Kiley- I know quite a few 100% active gay mormons, so I know it can be done. (not sure if I want to do it though).

  4. In my view, who cares? Poser or no is irrelevant. Many Mormons will flock to him because he confirms their view of the world. That's human instinct - seek out someone who believes what you do. To listen to the rest of us would be to invite doubt, and we typically aren't interested in that.

  5. hey very interesting of you to have audio of your blog! I found it very refreshing and totally a different voice from what I thought I was reading with your choice of black background....I'm still fascinated, I wonder if people would be more or less interested if they heard people's real voices instead of just words on a screen where they can read it in their own chosen voice....hmmm...thanks for adding a new dimention :)