September 29, 2010

Question for an Apostle



I had an opportunity to go home last week to get a much needed break from the ever continuing game of catchup I play at work. I called it my "detox" week. A time in which I could just relax and get in a state of mind that would help me at school.

While I was home I visited with old friends, whose communication now a days is limited to Facebook chats. Meeting with them face to face and giving them hugs was wonderful. I also got to do some odd jobs for people in my home ward, which it was nice to do manual labor and also get some cash. I got to spend quality time with my folks. We canned over 350 pears. I learned two new recipes, watched my mom and sister in a sprint triathlon, and visited the doctor and dentist (only 1 cavity after having not seen the dentist for over a year)! I got to take an old co worker to her first LDS sacrament, she is beginning to investigate and I am so excited for her! Lastly, I got to sleep in!

The week previous to Detox week, Elder Bednar came to Eugene, and visited with all the Bishoprics and Stake Presidents in the area. My father, who is stake president, was invited to go along with my mother. They had a special dinner with Elder Bednar and other stake presidents and theirs wives. As is common when a General Authority visits, they open up for questions. Elder Bednar did this in the main meeting but also in the small dinner.

My mind began to wonder, what would I ask Elder Bednar if I was in a dinner situation with him. Questions began to fill my mind:

"I want to stay a faithful member, but I want to be with someone who I can love, which is a man, how can I do this while still being a faithful member?" 

"I am in the young single adult age group, but I really dislike going to YSA wards because its all about dating. Is it appropriate to go to a family ward?" 

"Why would God give so much emphasis on the joys of marriage, and yet let me and others have an attraction opposite to his plan for marriage?"

My parents are aware of my being gay, and so I began to wonder if maybe they asked him a question in line of that topic. And so I asked very specifically what question my mom asked Elder Bednar.

"I couldn't think of one." She told me.

"What would you have liked to ask if you could now?" I wondered.

"Hmm, Maybe some doctrinal question." I responded with a lackluster, "Oh."

I turned to my father, and asked him the same question, and he mentioned a question having to do with the stake.

I was somewhat disappointed. You have a gay son and a gay daughter, and you couldn't think of any question to ask an Apostle of the Lord?

"How best can we help our son and daughter?" 

"Our son is slowly slipping away from church attendance, he knows its true, but he struggles with questions, what advice do you offer him." 

"Our son has questions we cant answer, what can we do?" 

"Our daughter is dating someone, how can we show our love to her while maintaing our convictions on her choice."

Mom and Dad, you couldn't think of a single question? Im disappointed to say the least.

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  1. Sometimes I wish I could give you a big hug and assure you that things will turn out okay.