July 11, 2010

"You're Gay! Give Me Fashion Advice!"

Background info on "Sweetie"
btw we are good buddies now and I am out to him


  1. This has really been a new thing for me as well. I'm so excited to start dressing in a way that matches me. Sometimes I actually have to try on something once or twice before I see that I like it.

    I was out dancing this weekend with my boyfriend. Some of the other queers were so out there it was amazing. We've decided to have an Uber Gay party this fall and invite all our straight friends to come dressed as gay as they can.

    Yeah to be gay!

  2. I LOVE Express! Go ask to get on their mailing list and they will send you cards like "Spend 100 get 40 off." These cards make Express VERY affordable.

  3. If you are ever up in Seattle, check out H&M - phenomenal!

  4. Express is pretty much my store. It's a shame when you find yourself justifying even clearance prices, but I've found that sometimes you just have to when you find those connections.

  5. @Devin - lol Gay party sounds... interesting?! For me this wasn't so much a desire to dress how I feel I have always wanted to. Just a new direction in my fashion.

    @Gay Saint - I specifically didn't give them my e-mail, but I suppose now I will!

    @Devin (again) - I shopped at H&M in England while on my mission and do love it. Portland is getting one downtown!!! So excited!

    @GMB - I actually got some slacks for work on clearance and only payed $15. Id say thats a steal!

  6. suspenders and a belt? was the costume designer that afraid of his pants falling?

    In all seriousness- may I suggest you can shop at Walmart or Target to find good clothes at a fraction of the cost of Express. Target has some really cool graphic-tees that aren't 30 bucks a pop. If you're innovative and/or creative enough you can buy a pair of sturdy last-you-a-while jeans and alter them to make a pair of deconstructed jeans that Express sells for 20 dollars more than nondeconstructed jeans (don't even know if that comment is applicable).

    But I used to be under the influence that in order to look good, I had to shop at expensive stores (I know, I'm ridiculous, don't remind me) and then I saw my brother wearing an outfit that looked really good and I asked him where he bought his clothes and he said, "Walmart." I was floored.

    I've been meaning to check out some thrift stores. From some of my friends' reports they sound like a good, inexpensive clothes source.

    As Gay Saint points out Express does offer "spend this much and we'll give you this much off" cards. Never shop at Express without one. But sometimes it really sucks because its only on items that are full-price, so you can only buy some two items, they never include clearance.

  7. @Shaantvis - You're right that was a MAJOR accessory in his wardrobe. I do shop at walmart, target, etc. I am always a bargin shopper, and shopping at express wont change that. I just feel I need to infuse some freshness into my wardrobe.

  8. I thought it was fantastic how you are a bargain shopper but were looking into adding something new to your wardrobe. I completely agree with you, and I have never really heard of Express before so I will have to check it out and see if I can get some good deals. :)

    As a random side-note question, what is the song that is playing the in backgound of your post? I've heard it before, but I just can't think of the name! Thanks :)

  9. @Benjamin - Secrets - One Republic.