July 9, 2010

The Missionaries Are Knocking At My Door

No these are not the actual missionaries who called.


  1. I doubt they'll stop trying to contact you if you ignore them. Missionaries are persistent. At least that's what I remember from some of my companions on my mission. We would try to get a hold of someone, who wouldn't respond, so my companions would keep on trying. If that would annoy you, go with option number two. They could react in so many ways. They're 19-25 year old males, they probably wouldn't react like my bishop who is a bit older and has seen a lot more as far as these things go with the church. Anyways, that's my vote: option number 2.

    p.s. If you ignore them then they'll report back to the men in charge saying that they haven't been able to talk to you. then the EQP or even the bishop will want to have further meetings with you.

  2. Seems number two would be the best, if you're going for authenticity. Let them know who you are, really; if you don't want to talk to them, tell them that, and if they don't want to talk to you, they can tell you. It seems counterproductive to your truth project to avoid them.

    What's the worst that could happen with number two?

  3. I also vote to go with with option #2. Members need to know that gay mormons exist and that we are good people.

  4. Or way #4 - talk to them over the phone/at church and tell them what's up, and what you are comfortable with in terms of receiving or not receiving visits.

  5. @ Shaantvis - You're right missionaries are persistent. I was chatting with a member friend about this situation I am in, and we were comparing it to what less actives would have said to us when we were the ones calling.
    However, I think because a lot of these guys are 19-21 they may be more accepting and understanding then bishops. Granted bishops deal with "stuff" a lot, the younger generation is more open.

    @Matt - It's true, #2 cant back fire at all. What are they gonna do, tell the bishop Im gay...? He already knows and thats why he sent them here right?

    @Anonymous - Its true, we need a good face to the gay mormons. There is the bitter anti face, the distant face, even the I'll marry a girl face. We need more faces for the members to see. Good point!

    @El Genio - It's not so much having them visit, as what I will do about them visiting. I have no problem having them over. I love hanging with the Elders. When I got home from my mission, I hung out with them on P-days quite a few times. Its just what do I tell them?!

  6. Well having just come from serving in the EQ pres what most likely happened is last Sunday during PEC your name was brought up and most likely the Bishop suggested that the Elders be sent over to break the ice and help you return to the ward.

    I'm sure the EQ pres was happy to go along with this so his Home teaching numbers would go up as well and when his PPI came he could report to the stake pres that you were being looked after.

    I agree that just being honest with them is probably the best way to go, unless you rather not have 2 19 year old guys spreading the news to the mission that you are gay.

  7. Reading your posts and listening to all the things you have to say is pretty amazing to me Trev. Each one you seem to get a little closer to something, grow a little stronger, reach a little further. I know the two of us disagree on a few of the gay/mormon issues, but my only advice is to be honest. These missionaries don't know you and your life but be honest to yourself Trev. It's something that Sam and I work on day to day. We're not ashamed to be gay but sometimes it's a little frightening telling those people who you're not sure how they'll react because of where they stand. Okay, enough with the touchy stuff - grow a pair and tell 'em! Option #2. Ü
    Love you.

  8. @AKLDS - I really could care less what the mission says lol. Not like I have to live around those people forever lol.
    You are most likely right in describing how that happened. Heck I got to see that first hand when I was an Elder. The funny thing is, I do go to church, just not that ward all the time. Oh well.

    @ Elise - Honesty is the best policy! I do have a pair btw..... :)