July 29, 2010

I'm Going To The Temple


  1. work that colored shirt!

    I recently came out to my bishop, and now he wants to meet on a regular basis. Oh how I regret that. I really don't feel like talking to him either.

  2. Why do you feel you need to lie to your family? Wouldn't it be easier just to tell them the truth once and not have to worry about it ever again?

    Maybe i just dont know your family

  3. Hey Trevor.

    Once again I'm going to strongly urge you to write your posts instead of recording them. Lots of people, including me, are often in places where it's impossible to listen to something but perfectly acceptable to read something silently. Plus, no one can re-read an audio file. You are restricting your own blog traffic and readership by recording all your posts in audio. And a blog serves as a kind of personal journal which you may want to keep for the rest of your life. Words on a page are much more easily preserved and transmitted than audio recordings. Please reconsider your approach.

    As to your shirt, why lie? You're not required to wear a white one. It's a popular myth at present in the Church but it is definitely not a requirement. You should read this: http://mormonmatters.org/2010/07/23/ergo-the-white-shirt-and-conformity/

    As to meeting with your bishop, if you don't want to, then don't. No priesthood authority in the Church should ever be exercised by compulsion, says the Doctrine & Covenants. Your bishop and the ExSec should know this, and you shouldn't be bashful about reminding them. All you need to do is say "I'm not ready to meet with you, bishop." You don't need to explain any further than that, even though you might be hounded to. Just repeat the phrase. They can't force you. Then go if and when you really are ready.

  4. @shaantvis- I agree with Rob and have decided I will just tell my bishop, Im not ready to talk. Im sure he will understand.

    @AKLDS- Actually you make a very good point. While I was talking with my sister on the ride up to the Temple, I decided that if they asked me about the shirt, I would tell the truth. I don't want to lie to them, and I need to work on that. I just knew the truth would hurt them and so I concocted that lie to save them from the hurt. Then I realized lying would hurt more.

    @Rob- I understand the dilemma of not being able to play audio because of ones surroundings. For me, audio is a much more free flow of thought for me. (I have always been an audio learner). I will start to do a transcript for those who prefer the written word.

    I know the white shirt is not a requirement. However for me, as with many church member, it has come to mean more than a routine. It has come to mean something more.

    I don't feel the bishop or his exec. sec. is acting in compulsion. He has always said it was my choice, I just have a problem with saying "no" to people. I do plan on telling him I don't want to chat, and I know he will respect that. Thanks for the advice!

  5. I have vigorously avoided my bishop for 6 months. I love him, but have no desire to talk. And I wore a SHORT SLEEVE Light blue shirt with white pin stripes today. (And never where a white shirt).......