July 31, 2010

The Blue Shirt

Switch the tie and shirt colors and this is what I wore.


So I got back tonight from Seattle and from going to the Temple with the family. I wrote in the comments on the previous post I decided on the way up talking with my sister, that there is no need to lie to my family about why I wore a blue shirt.

I think the reason that I told myself I wanted to lie to them was because I am very close with my family and I know that by wearing a colored shirt to the Temple and having them ask me why, the answer that I would give to them, would be very, not hurtful, but very sad for them. I love them very much and I didn't want to cause them that sadness on this day that is suppose to be a special day for my brother and his family.

So the reason why I wanted to lie was to save them that pain, and to make it swept under the rug, so that we could enjoy that time together instead of making this big hoohaa about the color of the shirt I was wearing.

Talking with my sister going up though I decided its really not that big of a deal. The reason why I wore a colored shirt was because I wasn't going in the Temple. Were I to go into the Temple, I would have worn a white shirt because thats what I personally feel is respectful.
But I wasn't going in, so I could wear a colored shirt, and I didn't think that was wrong.

Surprisingly, no one asked me about it. And thats probably for two reasons. One, either they figured why, and they figured, "well theres no point in bringing it up." Or two, they didn't care. I would most likely go with option number one. I think it would bother my sister and mom just because they see it as a sign of rebellion and they would get worried.

But I just wanted to let you know, thats, thats why I had concocted that lie even thought I decided later on I wasn't going to go with it.

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