June 25, 2010

Why Do You Tease Me So?

You know what really kicks my bucket? Straight guys who pretend to be gay for kicks and giggles, while I am only half pretending, because I really wanna date them!

Case #1:
A boy in my graphic design class last term and I became friends (I'll call him hair band boy cause he usually wears a shoe string in his hair like a ninja) (its less gay than it sounds). Then we started to call each other honey. Say we were going to go make out in the bathroom. Flirt and touch each other on the arm gently. This was in class, and it was quite funny, honestly. However, is he so cute, and such a nice guy (always the ones I fall for). So while I was only half kidding about the flirting and such, I am left to decipher his true intentions. Is he doing this purely because its funny. Or are his acts half real like mine.

One could say he has some real intent behind his jokes, but thus enters Case #2:

In my mentor group, Baby Franco and Sweetie both acted the same way. We were always pretending to be gay together. (although at less frequency and intensity as with Hair Band boy). I have come out to them and they are totally straight.

Why do straight boys tease so much. It makes it really difficult to know if Hair Band is gay or not.

(the joking is sorta like this... just not so dramatic!)

I wanna hear from you!
Have you ever dealt with these types of guys?
How do you think I can know if he is gay or straight?

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  1. It's possible that these guys could be labeled as less than straight, but not really gay. Your presence might bring out something in them that when confronted with they will deny.

    I'd say get to know him a bit better, make a personal connection, then see if you can get it out of him, not as a love interest, but as a friend. It will be a lot less threating for him and he might open up for you.