June 27, 2010

Why Am I Alone

I thought I would try a new format. Let me know how you like it!? 
I call it Alog (Audio Blog)


  1. Your discussion with Sam sounds a lot like what went on with my best friend a year ago.

    Honestly, I think you're going in the right direction both with the concept of alogs and with the focus on friendship and patience. A friend gave me a great book on the subject (Love Undetectable) which suggests that the most significant relationships to be formed are those with friends.

    More recently, that's been my experience. The guy I'm dating currently I pushed away for a little while only to receive the reassurance you talked about. This happened after about two years of crush after crush and disappointment after disappointment, many of which were simply guys disappearing or losing interest.

    I hope that this response provided some reassurance.

  2. this is beautiful.

    I don't know where to start in order to get out of my littler ruts either. I feel like I'm always inconveniencing or bothering someone when I ask them to come hang out. So I hardly do and then I'm alone. I too usually wait for people to approach me instead of me initiating a conversation. That hardly ever happens at social events. I used to blame this on people already having enough friends (who already has enough friends?) or I'm not that attractive or interesting enough for them to come talk with me. Now I realize that maybe people are just as afraid or inhibited to approach me as I them.

    I feel like I have to constantly bribe people to be my friend once I make them. I do this through cooking for them, giving them little gifts, etc. Because my friendship isn't enough reason for them to be around me. Because I'm not enough.

    Anyways, I can't wait for the next post!

  3. Great post, it's actually nice hearing a post and the feeling in your voice. Makes what you have to say mean more to me than if I was to just read it. Looking forward to the next one as well!

  4. @ A Gay Mormon Boy - thanks man. Its nice to know there are silver linings!

    @ Matt - You're making me blush.

    @ Shaantvs - Its a horrible feeling huh. You're right though, no one can have to many friends!

    @AKLDS - I think thats why I really wanted to start Alogs, because when I speak, there is more personality, and no one can mis-interpret the emotion or expression behind the words, because they can hear it.

  5. This is great and almost makes me want to do this as well!

    Your situation seems like how my boyfriend felt before he and I were together. Except he wasn't as outgoing as you seem to be. But after a lot of patience, he has finally settled into who he wants to be. It took a while, but he's happy now! (at least he had better be -_-)

  6. @ Romulus - Glad to hear there is a happy ending! Im sure he is VERY happy!

  7. Interesting thoughts. I feel the same way a lot of the time. Except I go through waves of wanting someone there with me, and then not caring as much about it. Right now I'm in a maybe I'm just destined to be single phase.