June 23, 2010

Update Me

So I wished my mission president happy birthday on his facebook (weird I know), and he said, "It's time to update me on your life Quinn."

He says this to everyone who comments on his FB, and leaves his e-mail. Well when I read this I thought to myself.... Hmmm, should I tell him what he wants to hear:

"Im good president. Im still in college, and working full time this summer to save money. Life is good. Still living in Portland, and nothing else mush is new."

Or should I tell him the truth:

"Im good president. Im still in college, and working full time this summer to save money. Im living in Portland and still trying to date. But there are slim pickings on the guys up here. Im sure I'll find one soon enough. I have been going to church most of the time. Oh btw, Im disfellowshipped!"

I can imagine his response mirroring some recently given general conference talk about the importance of repentance. He will say he believes in me, and that he is here to help me through this hard time in my life, but that if I come back to Christ, I will be blessed. Then he will leave with his signature sign off, "You keep smiling Elder Quinn." (Anyone who served in my mission reading this blog would know instantly what mission Im from!)

I am really tempted to just tell him the truth. I mean what is he gonna do, release me as Zone Leader? He was in the 5th Quorum of the seventy before he was my Mission President. His wife was on the General Relief Society board for the church, and writes extensively for the church.


I wanna hear from you!
Should I tell my president everything?
Did you come out to your mission president after the mission?
What was his response?


  1. Sure, go for it. Can't hurt. No I didn't tell my mission pres because I couldn't even tell myself. However, we're having a 27 year reunion in August. Maybe.....nah!

  2. I told my mission president, after my mission, that I am gay. He told me (he, too, was a General Authority. When I had this conversation with him, he was Emeritus GA) to act on it, to live my life quietly so that no one would know, to lie and "tell them the answers they want" to keep my temple recommend, and that members of the Quorum of the Twelve do not know Christ. So, there you go- that is what telling my former mission president that I am gay did... oh, and that I should not be a "traitor" to him and this new "message" he just gave me.

  3. I visited my mission president and wife a few years after my mission. He said that there must be someone special out there for me. I told them that I had found someone special, but the stake did not approve of him, about the church court, etc. They were supportive. A few years later, I took them to lunch on their 40th anniversary. He told me they didn't want me to be alone for the rest of my life. I reminded them that I am gay, and he repeated that they didn't want me to be alone. Telling them was a very positive thing.

  4. @ Bravone - I am leaning towards the TELL HIM side myself right now.

    @ this blog author - I got your e-mail and dont worry :) I didn't understand the first e-mail anyways lol. I feel as though your "experience" is a farse. Am I wrong?

    @Anonymous - That is really cool!

  5. I assure you, my experience was NOT a farse. Everything that I wrote happened. Bravone can verify it, if you do not believe me. Or, contact the President of the 70s for the church, Elder Tingey. He will tell you that everything I wrote was true. He is the one who had to meet with my mission president and set him straight.

    I am offended you think I made that up- what would I have to gain by making something like that up?

    You are young- you will learn, as you get older, that people are not always who they say they are and who we think they are.