June 15, 2010

Drunk Dial Epiphany

So there is a guy that I have feelings for, and SHOCK, he has feelings for me!

He lives far enough away that we decided to just keep talking and see what happens when he moves down closer to me later this year. This is the kinda guy I can see something developing with too.



Personally I have chosen to never drink (because of the church and also personal reasons), but I have never had a problem with other people drinking. I knew he drank and was ok with that, until this phone call.

He was at a party with a good friend of his. At the last party they went to together they both ended up wasted and she ended up on top of him choking him (literally). He told me that was the end of his heavy drinking. He said never again would he do that, because it was messed up.

So that night, I get a phone call from his friends cell phone, and its him. He told me was at a party and drunk.... really drunk. He then proceeded to get into a fight with this friend of his who had just a couple nights previously choked him. He told me he would call me back, and after I hung up I told myself, well that ends that.

I really have lost interest in him now. I still consider him a friend, but in terms of relationship material, no thanks.

I want to hear from you:

Have you ever drunk dialed, or ever received a drunk dial from someone you liked?

What did you feel about that person afterwards?


  1. Outside of the church it seems pretty normal for college-aged kids to go through a party phase. This is something I have only been exposed to over the last few years. I judged a lot of people based on their crazy partying ways, but then I watched as they grew out of that phase. I am not trying to justify him but I would say maybe you should not write him off completely as a future relationship.

  2. I have never drunk dialed anyone. In fact, I have only been drunk once, and then it felt more like being sick, so I don't think I'll be repeating that experience any time soon.

    My first boyfriend (if you can even call him that) would normally text me with a heads up, "I'm drinking tonight so you might get some weird texts." Then I would normally get a few texts later on about how lonely he was and it was kind of endearing. Of course, if I had been there in person the reaction would probably have been a lot different.

  3. I never have, but many have drunk dialed me.

  4. @Reina - I haven't written him off, and I know he will grow out of it. It just kinda was a turn off if you know what I mean. lol

    @ El Genio - Thats nice of him to give you a heads up lol. I suppose there are different kind of drunks to right... like flirt drunks, romantic drunks, agressive drunks, etc.

    @Romulus - This is my first experience to be drunk dialed... I dont ever wanna be the one dialing though lol