April 3, 2010

Saturday Session - LDS GC

Saturday Session Re-Cap:

Loved loved loved the BYU Mens choir at the priesthood session. I have always been a fan of the male choir sound, and BYU never disappoints with their arrangements and quality of sound.

Holland has always been my favorite. With his pulpit pounding sermons, he is always proven to leave a lasting impression. I thought his talk about Lust vs. Love was quite timely for our modern society. He has such a command of the English language.

New 70's- I missed it during the session but when I checked out the church newsroom site, I saw that a man who I got to rub shoulders with in my greenie area on my mission was called into the 1st quorum of the 70! His wife is the most humble, kind hearted person I know. He is a gentle giant, whose reception of the spirit is fine tuned. Elder Kearon from England, is sure to do the Lords work well!

I will post more when I can review the talks again!


  1. I loved the sound of the choir as well. The songs that they sang were beautiful and I felt myself listening intently instead of wanting to check the facebook app on my phone. haha.

  2. I love to see their faces and watch how earnestly they are singing...great sessions