March 18, 2010

Serious Advice Needed

So I feel like I am in a place (mentally) where I would like to try dating a guy. I have tried several websites, only to come to the conclusion that they are sex hook up sites more than they are dating websites. So I need some help in way to begin the dating process.

I don't have really any gay friends (besides some in the church) so I can't really be hooked up with someone's friend.

I don't know what websites are true dating sites and not sex hook up sites.

I know a lot of you moho's have dated, so how did you start?


  1. I never dated the guys I met at Evergreen, but I may or may not have gone out with some of the guys I met through them.

    I also went out a time or three with people who read my blog.

    I went out with a couple of boys from Connexion, but on the whole I find that site only slightly less sketchy than blatant hookup sites. (I don't have a profile anymore.)

    Probably your school has gay clubs--I would see that as a place to start, no?

  2. Yes it does have a Queer Resource Center. I suppose this is where I dig my own grave, but I really don't want anything to do with pride/gay groups. Because I don't support all the activities they run (particularly at my school).

    I know that I should start connecting with gays somewhere, but I won't let that place be the gay school clubs.

  3. how to start. that's a question i'd like to know the answer to.

  4. Go onto Connexion. Though, if you go to BYU, apparently the Honor Code Office has fake profiles on there to catch dem gays. After my experiences with them, I wouldn't put it past them. If not, go for Connexion.

  5. I tried Myspace. You can search for gay guys looking for relationships in your zip code. You can get very specific such as smoking or drinking, body type race and all those things. I also didn't particularly agree with all the gay pride stuff but I have found going to the LGBT center to be a safe productive way to meet people.

    And anytime you're in Vegas let me know I'd go on a date with you.

  6. While I have a Connexion profile and had a brief dating experience with another Moho guy in the area not much has really come out of it. If you find a good solution let all the rest of us single and looking fellas know.

  7. I shall check out Connexion since it has been mentioned three times! I also talked to one of my openly gay moho friends and he is going to set me up with some of his friends!

    Moho in Vegas.... I would love to! We should chat sometime!

  8. Quinn, I would go for Connexion as it is the least sketchy place. However, it really depends on you. You can set the tone and pace of any date you set up anywhere. As long as you are upfront and honest with the guy that you DO NOT WANT sex then you should be fine.
    You can still hang out with the LGBT pride club thingy at school as a way to meet people without supporting their liberal (ahem) agenda.


  9. Thanks everyone. I signed up for an account. We'll see what it brings!

    P.S. I added those of you I found, so don't think Im some creepy stalker!

  10. I completely agree with David on this one. There are people on connexion who will be interested in someone who explicitly states that you do not want sex.

    Also, there are all kinds of guys that form part of these groups. The leader of our group here considers herself a proud republican.

  11. GMB, thats a very true point... and how can they truly celebrate diversity without a gay-right-winger in their group! lol

    Ill build up some courage and check it out sometime.

  12. Ill have to go to this site and see what its all about since its all the rage in these comments. And ill be workin' it to find you a few people to go on dates with. Im not going to lie though, a lot of the poeople that I am friends with are "established gays" or however youd like to term it. People in that scene for a long time. Ill browse through my fb friends too. lol