March 31, 2010


A few FYI's

1- I have been keeping up with others blogs, even if I don't comment. I started a new term, and new job and made some new friends. I will also be traveling to Minnesota and Utah (for a wedding) over the next month, so I'm gonna be a little swamped.

2- Thank you for all the thoughts about my Big Q, A, and G, posts. I did read them all, and thought about each persons point of view, even if I didn't respond. I appreciate the fact you would take time to offer advice to me.

3- I think that was everything I was gonna say!?

So I said I have been making some new friends. This is not because I am trying to replace old friends. I have just been wanting people to do things with. One new friend is named Ricky and he is from Argentina.

I have a talent, or ugly curse, of networking through friends on Facebook. Ricky is a friend of a moho friend, and he happens to live in my town. He commented on a mutual friends FB status right after me. Thus began our friendship. He is totally awesome.

I have always wanted a friend that I could talk to. Someone I could just call up and say, lets hang, and we would do so. Someone who wanted to be my friend, and much as I wanted to be theirs, (gosh sounds similar to a boyfriend doesn't it haha). Thats what I've found in Ricky.

So Ricky (you have to say his name with a Spanish accent to get the full effect), were hanging out on Sunday evening. We were walking around downtown Portland when he declared he needed to pee. He suggested we go to the gay bar up the street to use the restroom. I cautiously agreed.

I have never been in a gay bar before, even though I have always wanted to. I thought this would be the perfect time to go into one. I'm with someone who is cool, who I feel comfortable with, so why not take advantage of his "nature call".

We went into the gay bar "CC Slaughters". The lights were low, and there wasn't many people in the front of the bar. One bartender was wearing only trunk underwear, and had a nice body, (which we kept commenting about all night). Behind the bar was a performance area, where Drag Queens were doing a little show. Tidbit- I don't like Drag Queens (I'll explain in a later post). Long story short, we stayed for 2 hours. It was really fun and I loosened up as the night went on. We just sat there watching the show, and watching everyone around us.

I really enjoyed my first gay bar experience. We talked about going regularly to the gay clubs.

1- I didn't, and never will drink.

2- I HATE dancing, so I won't.

3- I will flirt with guys and take numbers (if that even happens).

BTW- When I was riding the train into town to meet Ricky, I sat behind two guys. One obviously gay, and the other guilty by association. I was transfix by the guilty by association one. He was Latin (which I LOVE) and cute. Very straight acting (big plus) and seemed down to earth.

We made eye contact a couple of times, but no conversation. Well I posted on Craigslist (I know... dirty) in the missed connections section to see if he would see it. HE DID! We are now chatting through e-mail. We'll see if anything comes of it.


  1. Ive been to CCs a ton recently. They do a 1.50 drink night so different groups of my friends always want to head down there. I dont like the drag shows either but its fun to go and hang out with friends there. Im glad that your first experience was a good one!

    Youre heading to MN? I used to live there for 10 years. Ive really been wanting to go back. I lived in the twin cities. Where are you headed to?

  2. how awesome about the missed connections guy! and sounds like a great flow of events that maybe needed to happen. Big plus on the Argentine - thats where my fam is from - accents are amazing!

  3. Konrad-
    Ricky and I wanna go more often in groups so we should plan something! Plus that other thing!!!

    Recover and Thrive-
    It was a great chain of events, and it was something I needed, for sure! I do have a thing for latinos' so the accents are killer for me!