February 6, 2010

TMI (Too Much Information)

So, at school we have a thing freshman do. We choose a topic and take a year long course on it. We also split into smaller groups within the class and have whats called a "mentor session". This has created a good way to make close friends your first year, and get to know one another. Last Tuesday I got to know my group... a little more than I ever thought I would have.

So there are some characters I need to introduce. Instead of letters of their first names I will use description words. So there is Baby Franco (Because he looks like James Franco). I thought Baby Franco might be gay, and actually I still have my suspicions. Then there is Muscle Guy (hmmm... is all I have to say about him). Skinny Boy, (while he is skinny he is still strong and bulking up). Sweetie (this guy is who I like the most, he is so genuine, cute and sincere, you can't help but love him.) XBox Girl (because she loves the XBox). Lastly Stoner (because he is, and looks like it, but he is still hot). While there are more in the group this is all that pertains to today's story.

So after our mentor session we have 30 min till the regular class starts. XBox girl was talking with Sweetie. They were kinda flirting too. So I stood behind XBox girl and mouthed to Sweetie, "She likes you!" Then I just decided to say the obvious out loud. She laughed and said, "Uh... Stoner and I are together!"

I was shocked, as I am very good at spotting relationships and flirting among others. So I was quite taken aback to hear this news. She related to me that they have been "hooking up" for the past two months.

Now hooking up in my sheltered mind means making out or dating, but she proceeded to expound on her definition of "hook up". I was quite shocked that they have been having sex for the past two months, and I had NO CLUE they were even dating. I knew they were close, but I assumed friends. Looking at it now, I attribute not reading the signs to his stoned facial features, but still, usually I would still know something was up.

She then proceeded to inform me of all the hook ups in the mentor session over the past term. A with B, A with D, and B with C. While I never would ask, (1-because they don't know I like guys, and 2-because its not the right time or place to ask) I wanted to ask how was he? Does he have a nice dick? Whats his body like?

Well we met Sweetie out on a balcony and continued to talk about all the relationships. Sweetie leaned over and whispered into my ear he and F had also made out once at the beginning of school! WHY DID I NOT KNOW ANY OF THIS!!!!

Well XBox wanted to know what Sweetie had told me. Me, being a expert secret keeper, would not tell, and he didn't want to tell her, cause she would then tell everyone else. So we made up a few stories. I said, that Baby Franco and I kissed (Oh Gosh I wished), which we all laughed at. Then Sweetie said, one weekend Skinny and Muscle got drunk and kissed and cuddled. We laughed... and then all agreed we could see that happening (only because they are best friends and inseparable).

I'm not sure why I just shared all that.. But it has been on my mind the past few days. I can't stop picturing skinny and muscle making out and I cant stop imagining what stoner would be like in bed. Oh well.

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