February 16, 2010

Dreams - Part 3

I have been exploring the three dreams I have had relating to the church and my current situation. This is dream #3 occurring a few weeks ago and is the second in all.


Dream 1 (Which actually was the last dream)

Dream 2 (Which was the first dream)

I was in the church I had grown up in, which was a stake center. I was on the right side of the overflow, and standing on a table, or on some ledge above the ground. The accordion doors that separated the chapel from the gym were open and people were moving freely between.

The lights were off and it was dark, except for the laser lights. The lasers were moving as if at a music concert. People were holding drinks (the red plastic cups) although it wasn't beer or anything else, just punch.

There was loud music, although I couldn't hear it, I knew it was there.

I remember saying in my head, or to the person next to me, who I could not see, "This is not how church is suppose to be. Whats going on?!"


I remember waking up, and recalling the 1st dream I had, and wondering what all of this meant.

1- I'm losing my mind
I could be making a lot more out of this than should be.

2- I have a major distaste for born again church concerts.
Of which I have been to personally.

3- There is a hidden meaning.
Is there a message in all of this?


  1. It's probably nothing, but I always like to vote #3.

  2. Or it means that the inner gay DESPERATELY wants to escape and take over the Church side of you.