February 15, 2010

Dreams - Part 2

Continuing on my set of dreams over the past couple of months. This was the very first dream I had, taking place about 2 months ago.

I was sitting on the left side of the Stake Center I had grown up in. I was sitting with my mom and grandma (who is not a member, but would often go to church with us). It was odd that we were on the side pews as we usually sat in the middle section on the right hand side.

It appeared to be a stake conference, because there was a lot of people who looked like general authorities on the stand. I remember seeing one black woman sitting on the front row.

One of the speakers said something (can't recall specifics), but someone in the congregation took offense to the comment. They stood up, and they too were black (even though they weren't there before). They shouted something back at the speaker.

There began to be a "discussion" in which a few people became uneasy and began to speak out of turn. There now seemed to be more and more black people in the congregation.

The chorister got up as if to diffuse the tension with a song. This seem to anger more people. I remember thinking "This is not how a church meeting is suppose to go, this is un-orderly."

There was audible chaos in the chapel. I remember thinking why are people acting like this, this is not how church is suppose to be. (This was not a racial debate either, but exactly what I'm not sure). There also seemed to be a much larger crowd then before, the gym curtains were opened and it looked now like a stake conference and there was a 50% ratio of whites and blacks.

The original black woman in the front stood up to speak from her pew, and everyone grew quiet, as if to listen to her opinion. She opened her mouth and shouted in southern baptist style, "What we need is an OBAMAnation!!!"

The Chapel exploded verbally. People stood up and yelled in anger. There was a palpable tension caused by her political statement. I remember thinking, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!"

I ran up to the podium to see masses of people leaving the building and people still shouting. I spoke into the microphone, "STOP! This is not how church is suppose to be." But no one listened.


I woke up thinking, wow that's strange. As I said before I believe some dreams tell us things, but usually only ones that are very memorable. This was 2 months ago, but I can't shake it from my mind.

What does it mean?

1- The Church is being corrupted.
I don't believe that.

2- I feel uneasy at church.
Probably, since I moved into my new ward I have felt very out of place.

3- Nothing.
Stop worrying so much.

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  1. Interesting, the other day in church in Elder's quorum we were discussing IRL positive role models and had a black member suggest that we should be more like Obama (which I agree with, and is who I voted for). Someone in the quorum shouted out, "What about Mitt Romney?"

    I vote #2 as the reason why you had the dream. Although you don't consciously believe #1, perhaps your subconscious is recognizing disharmony between your inner values and those of the church.