January 29, 2010

My Best Friends Wedding

Well the day we always knew would come, just not so soon, has come. My BFF (See topic BFF at bottom of page to get more info) is getting married!

Let me just say that I totally described her future husband to a tee only two weeks before they met, and predicted their falling in love when I was told, its not going to happen, and also predicted the time line of engagement when I was told marriage is not a though in their minds!

Anyways... I am so super excited for her, and her finance is one of a kind. He understands our relationship and totally respects it. While I know that my relationship with my BFF will change slightly, as it should... I hope and pray we wont lose anything we have built to this point.

While she knows of my struggles and problems, I still had to sadly tell her that I wont be able to go inside the temple. Well actually this is how the conversation went.

"J, I need to tell you something about the wedding and me and the temple.... and its kind of embarrassing..."

Long Pause

"Hey, Quinn, Don't even worry. Nope, dont worry one bit, I understand."

"Really? You know what I'm talking about?"

"Yes, and don't worry its ok. Id rather you be outside waiting for me, then inside when you're not ready."

"Ok. Thanks you're the best."

I couldn't have asked for a better friend! Im super excited to go down to Utah for the wedding and be there to celebrate her day!

It was funny, when she told me she was engaged and had set a date I asked, "Does this mean I'm the maid of honor?" She said she had thought about it but that would be to awkward, to which I agreed, so I was asked to be a grooms men.

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