January 11, 2010

Here I Go

Well, I met with my bishop, and learned the hard facts of life. Namely, there are consequences for actions we all make. I am now facing those consequences, and although I am scared, and frightened, I have never been more content and calm.

I am working on starting fresh again in my life. There are some big changes ahead with things in my life, but I have support from my parents, my sister who knows, my friends, my bishop, and most importantly God.

My BFF is getting sealed in the Temple the first week of May. While I hope and pray I can go in with her, I am not sure If I will be ready. While this saddens me greatly, I think she will be more proud that I am getting my life back together than being in her sealing.

I was reading the Bible Dictionary section on repentance, and the following stood out to me, "One must form a new view on God, himself, and the world." This phrase hit me so hard that I wrote it up and put it on my bathroom mirror.

Thank you for the support of those who read this blog. I appreciate your words of encouragement.