November 21, 2009

I Have a Few Things I Want To Say

This all wont be about New Moon

1- I saw New Moon, and am 100% in the Jacob Team! He is so sweet and caring and handsome. He is the best man for Bella. I'd totally want him as a boy friend.

2- I had no problem going to see new moon, even though I'm a guy. I went with some other friends who were a bit cautious to go see it so they didn't look "gay" but I didn't care.

3- Over all the Movie was ok.

4- Amazing Body Taylor, well done!

I have been dealing with some issues that I wanna blog about, so stay tuned. I feel like they will be pretty personal, (I know a couple people personally who read this blog, which made me apprehensive at first, but over all I don't care).

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