October 30, 2009

To Tell or Not To Tell

Gosh, another dilemma.

I promise Im not a drama freak.

SO, I am currently looking at apartments with a friend of mine, (yes he is very attractive, but that is beside the point).

His favorite topic of discussion is..... Girls. Now since I have a small attraction to girls I can carry on a conversation for so long. Now he is trying to get me to date girls, and I am running out of steam with the excuses.

I have told him I'm not in a rush, I ask girls out when I am attracted to them, I find a very small percentage of girls attractive and so forth, which is all true. Yet he remains persistent.

It has been coming to a head this past week, and almost boiled over last night. I texted several of you and asked, "should I just tell him and risk him backing out of the apartment?"

I was almost to the point of saying, "you wanna know the real reason...?" But I didn't.

I have dropped several hints along the path. "Dude, I have many gay friends." "You don't like gay people do you?" "What if I don't like girls?" Followed by joking laughter.

He has even said in the past, "You just dont like girls do you?" To which I replied with only laughing. Thats enough for him to get the picture, right?

WRONG, he still persists.

I worry If I tell him, he wont want to be roommates and then I'm stuck with no housing....

What do you suggest?

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  1. I say get it out in the open to begin with because it sounds like it's bound to come out eventually and better to know how he'll respond now as opposed to when you are locked into a contract with him. It sounds like he could already suspect and is trying to force you to into just saying it. Either way, I'm sure if it the housing situation didn't work out with him that you could find someone else who wouldn't be weirded out by it and accept you for who you are to room with.