October 12, 2009


I knew this would eventually happen, I guess I just wasn't ready for it to happen now.

I knew that by having a blog, linking to others and sharing certain information would lead to the intelligent, investigatory types discovering the truth.

I think it has happened now.

So know that you (could be more than one of you) know who I may be, let me set some ground rules for this little game we are going to play.

1- I am more than happy for you to ask me in person if I am 'Quinn'

1a- Please do so when we are alone, so I don't have to be embarrassed that others might hear.

2- Please feel free to ask me any question. I love questions.

3- Please know that I am more than a gay male. I have many other stellar qualities, that I had hoped for people to know before they knew I liked men.
4- If you feel uncomfortable asking me in real life if I am 'Quinn' please next time you see me, wink twice, turn around 2 1/2 times, whistle the Titanic theme song, and then in confirmation of your inquiry, I shall raise my right eye brow, pull on my left ear twice and do a native African dance. That way we can avoid any awkwardness talking about me being gay might produce.

5- Please know I am not upset you discovered my secret identity, nor am I upset you want to confirm that it is me, I am a little sadden that we couldn't get to know each other more before the big gay neon sign is forever illuminated above my head and the lights from it outshine my other qualities.

So, yeah... Please come talk to me. Its awkward knowing that I know you know, and that you don't know I know you know. (that makes sense right?)

So.... Please come ask me if I am 'Quinn'


  1. Haha, I wish I could witness the "are you Quinn?" encounter! Sounds fun!

  2. I'd rather watch the "Titanic Theme/African Dance" show...

  3. Ahahahahahahahhahah....
    If only I had had this information before I called you out for being "Quinn"

  4. I suppose I should start learning an African dance just in case huh?!

  5. I think that anyone who knows you personally is a very lucky person. I hope that the insight that they have learned from your blogs will only make them better understand you. I think you're friends are lucky to have you. I for one like what you have to say.