September 8, 2009

Full Circle

Thank you's go out to three amazing supportive guys in the MOHO blog community. I think you three know who you are :)

All of the worry and shifting plans that fill the previous post, have now come full circle and are resolved.

I will be a student at PSU starting late September. I will be studying graphic design. I will be living in student housing, for only the fall term, at which point I think I already have a roommate picked out.

Within less than a week I switched schools, needed new housing, got accepted, couldn't get the right classes, went back to the original school, tried to get out of my housing contract, couldn't, and will now be living in student housing for one term.

Is your head spinning?


I'm just glad everything is worked out, and solid now.

Everything, I believe, God does for a reason...

I'm still waiting to hear what this was suppose to teach me?



  1. So glad things are working out for you. Sometimes in my life, it has been years down the road before I learned why certain things transpired the way they did. Good luck!

  2. It's supposed to teach you whatever you can learn from it.