September 5, 2009

Shifting Plans

-Fair warning this may turn into a long, venting post-

So, when I made the decision to attend Portland State University, I let my parents know about the cost of tuition.

Side note #1- When I was 8 we had a large family meeting and my parents said, if us boys pay for our missions, my parents would pay for tuition in college, and we pay for housing.

My parents seemed ok with not paying the LOW LOW LOW price the BYU's offered, so that I could be closer to home and study my course of graphic design.

Side note #2- I did one semester at BYU-I, studying interior design, and when I came home for winter break decided that wasn't the area I should study. So I lost a year of my life, and waited for PSU to start in the following fall.

Well, this past Tuesday, while we drove to our stake temple day, (which will be another post coming soon) my mom asked when tuition was due and how much it would be. I told her and she gasped, "I didn't realize it would be that much."

"Seriously mom... I went through this with you last spring?!"

So anyways, two weeks before I was to begin at PSU, I all the sudden had to change my 4 year plan.

So after hyper ventilating...

Side note #3- I DO NOT handle sudden changes very well. Especially when I might not get accepted to a new school in two weeks and sign up for the classes I have to take in the fall, or be set back another year!!!!

I started checking around the community colleges in the Portland area and found one that offers an associates in GD and then filters you into PSU to finish the last two years. So I applied, which strangly only took 5 minutes online.

So as I await an acceptance letter, and then try to register a week before classes begin... Please pray for me.... another problem arose.

Since I would be leaving PSU, I would also lose my housing.

So now I am in a scrabble trying to find housing for Portland. Although I am a bit flexible on when I need it cause I can drive up for classes for a little while. However I would like to move up ASAP.

So this has been my week, for the most part. I met a really awesome guy, who is a moho... you know who you are! He is seriously so cool and fun to chat with.

Plus a 'stud shout' out to Listen To Who I Am, who has been a total stud in helping me find housing hook ups!

-You serious brought peace to my mind when all was going to hell in a hand basket.

So I am more calm now, feeling like everything will work out for good, but still anxious to know that its all solid.
This concludes my rant, if you made it this far, thank you for reading.


  1. Man, I'm sorry things have been so chaotic for you. I hope things start gelling better soon. At times like this, I have been most vulnerable to my attractions and addictions. I pray you will stay the course.

  2. broseph, your pictures make me need some Zoloft ... You need pics of happy and hott guys!

  3. Just now reading this. You're welcome. Everything will all sort out in the end. I think you've probably gone through several iterations even since you posted this on Saturday:)