September 27, 2009

I Made It

After a long and hectic day I made it!

So after gloating about my hot hot roommate, I was in for a big, and saddening surprise. He wasn't cute, and even stinks a little bit.

My poor mother nearly had a heart attack. She knows I like boys, but for some reason doesn't acknowledge it. Maybe for fear of bringing up the topic will allow me to remember I like men?!

Well the BIG white board on my apartment floor read, DRAG SHOW TONIGHT, MEET HERE!

It was a floor activity lol. Then she saw a 'Coming Out Day' poster while waiting for the elevator, and then saw multiple drag show posters through out the building. She shook her head and said, "This is scary, you just stick to your high morals."

First of all, I don't like drags, so I didn't want to go to that. Second of all, I already came out.

Last of all, I really do not like gay pride events, I think it actually hurts the gay community.

This is something I want to blog about soon.

(I understand I say this a lot, I want to blog about a topic, such as Church vs. State, and other things I have said I would, and I will, I just have other pressing issues that I wanna blog about before those topics.)

So alas, I am here in Portland, and so far loving it. I love the view out of my window, and I love Transit Adventures. If you don't know what a TA is, slap yourself! You hop on any form of mass transit, and ride until you feel like getting off, then wander some blocks and hop on another form of mass transit, and repeat.

What I learned from my TA today -

Old China Town looks nothing like China.


  1. Congrats on the move! Sounds like you will have a great time in Portland, and already are.

    Will defiantly be giving TA a go sounds like fun and a good way to get to know a place, outside the norm.

  2. I love getting "lost". I've found some cool places that way.

    As for your mom's shock, it's understandable, but it still makes me laugh muchly.

  3. Maybe it's good that your roommate isn't a looker. Now you won't have to worry about gawking at him all the time.